Associated PArtners


THE UNIVERSITY OF DALHOUSIE (UD), Canada is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 20,000 students from around the world. It offers 4,000 courses in over 200 programs in various disciplines. It has received a five-star rating overall, and specifically in Teaching, Employability, Learning Environment and Innovation, from QS Stars, one of the top global university ratings systems. It is one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, attracting more than $150 million in research grants and awards each year.


THE UNIVERSITY OF OREBRO (OU), Sweden, is one of the fastest growing public universities in Sweden, with 15,000 students, 470 doctoral students and 1,600 members of staff. It offers 80 degree programmes and around 1000 single courses. The Swedish National Center for Child Health Promotion is located at the University while it co-hosts the Centre of Gender Excellence.


THE UNIVERISY OF PRETORIA (UP), South Africa, is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest research and contact university in South Africa, ranked amongst the top 1.9% of universities in the world, with over 1357 programme of studies. It has more than 100 active institutional agreements and over 90 at faculty level.


The EUROPEAN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING CENTRE (EPSTC), Netherlands, is not for profit well established organisation providing training to schools and school staff on crisis management, dealing with trauma and adverse change, stress management and teachers self-care and wellbeing.  It trains schools to provide a safe and supportive environment for children and school staff and building protective factors such as coping skills and resilience within a holistic approach involving children, teachers and families. Its training model is aimed at reducing risk factors for poor mental health, bullying, violence and exclusion as well as improving social climate in the classrooms and whole school.


THE UNIVERSITY OF SAO PAULO (USP), Brazil, is responsible for educating a large part of Brazilian Master’s and Ph.D’s, with over 97.982 students in graduate and undergraduate courses. It has an International Cooperation Office to promote students’, faculty and researchers’ mobility by enhancing cooperation and helping with mobility logistics, and presently has over 1,000 international agreements with several institutions all over the world.

University of Rijeka

THE UNIVERSITY OF RIJEKA (UR), Croatia is one of the largest universities in the region, comprising12 Faculties and 4 Departments, which offer more than 172 accredited study programs. Croatia. Faculty of Medicine is a public education and scientific institution, whose mission is the education of students of medicine, dental medicine and sanitary engineering, as well as range of working health professionals, with the aim to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent diseases, to maintain and improve health, as well as the patients’ healthcare and rehabilitation. The educational process is closely connected with the scientific research in biomedicine and healthcare, but also in interdisciplinary scientific areas.  These include health promotion, health education, prevention and early detection of risk behaviors, capacity building and advocacy for health promotion through community engagement.