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Interview with student representative – Vasiliki Chatziefthymiou

In this short interview we speak to Vasiliki Chatziefthymiou who has become student representative from the second semester of the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts.

Why did you apply for the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts?

I applied for the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts because I am deeply passionate about understanding and promoting resilience, particularly within educational settings. I believe that education plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals’ resilience, providing them with the necessary skills and support systems to navigate challenges and adversities effectively. This program offers a unique opportunity to go deeper into the theories, research, and practical applications of resilience within educational contexts, equipping me with the knowledge and tools to make a meaningful impact in supporting students, educators, families and communities facing various forms of adversity.

Additionally, I am eager to collaborate with like-minded peers and expert faculty members to explore innovative approaches and interventions that foster resilience and promote positive outcomes for learners of all backgrounds and abilities. Ultimately, I see this program as a crucial step in my journey towards becoming a more effective advocate, educator and facilitator of resilience within educational settings.

What motivated you to join this programme?

Several factors motivated my decision to apply for the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts. Firstly, I have witnessed firsthand the significant impact that adverse experiences can have on individuals within educational settings. Whether it’s students facing socioeconomic challenges, trauma, or other forms of adversity, I am deeply committed to understanding how resilience can be nurtured to help them overcome these obstacles and thrive academically and personally. Secondly, I am drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of this program. Resilience is a complex phenomenon influenced by various factors, including psychology, education, sociology, and public health. By pursuing this master’s degree, I aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of resilience from multiple perspectives, allowing me to develop holistic approaches to support individuals and communities facing adversity.

Moreover, I am inspired by the potential of education to serve as a catalyst for resilience. Schools and educational institutions not only provide academic instruction but also serve as vital support systems for students. Through this program, I hope to explore innovative strategies and interventions that leverage the educational environment to foster resilience and promote positive outcomes for learners. Lastly, I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with faculty members and fellow students who share my passion for resilience and education. I believe that engaging in dialogue, sharing insights, and collaborating on research projects will enrich my learning experience and enable me to make meaningful contributions to the field.

What are your impressions of the first semester?

My first semester in the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts in Malta, was incredibly enriching and eye-opening. From the outset, I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise among both faculty members and fellow students. The curriculum provided a comprehensive overview of resilience theory and its application within educational settings, covering a diverse range of topics such as trauma-informed practices, socio-emotional learning, and inclusive education strategies.

One of my first impressions was the emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives, which allowed a holistic understanding of resilience and its complex interactions within educational contexts. Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds brought valuable insights and perspectives to our discussions and projects, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Overall, my first semester in the Master in Resilience in Educational Contexts exceeded my expectations, leaving me eager to continue exploring the intersection of resilience and education and to contribute meaningfully to promoting positive outcomes for learners and communities. I am looking forward to our next semesters in Greece, Romania and Lisbon!